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Man - Power Details

  • Piping Engineering - 12 Engineers / Designers
  • Civil and Structure - 2 Engineers
  • Process and Basic Engineering - 3 Engineers
  • Admin - 1 Person
  • HR - 1 Person


  • 4500 Sq.ft .well equipped design office with 100% power backup.
  • Latest and adequate facilities are available for printing, photocopying and scanning etc.
  • Adequate Parking and cafeteria

IT Infrastructure

  • Fully equipped IT Infrastructure with hi-speed network, self-server, UPS and systematic backup facilities to cater for the needs of all employees and use their complete expertise for quality output which in turn gives benefits to our client.
  • Top grade data security with IP protection through firewall along with security from any virus attack.
  • Communication facility like broadband internet connectivity with backup in case of failures of any service provider for huge need of data transfer
  • Video Conferencing Facility
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